The witty school teacher

He comes across as a reserved person who prefers to blend in rather than stand out.

It is only when you engage him that you learn that Pelontle Mpatane is no shrinking violet.

Popularly known as Tamajasane in the streets of Francistown, or Anatomy to his former National Health Institute (NHS) classmates, Mpatane is drama personified.

From the moment he took up acting at Mathangwane Primary School, the 47-year-old retired teacher has never looked back.

In 2006, the local film industry welcomed the popular Tamajasane and Tamabrown flicks; Mpatane was the man behind their productions.

Voice Reporter Kabelo Dipholo sat down for a fun-filled interview with one of the country’s talented film directors.

Unsurprisingly it got off to a giggly start.

Q. You are quite a popular figure in Francistown yet you always seem to be calm despite all the attention.

A. I’m used to it. Growing up in Mathangwane where I did my primary education I was amongst the few who were admitted at St Josephs College in Gaborone.



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