Who we are

Tsena is a multi-platform news and information on Botswana. Created to tell Botswana’s stories about Batswana, by Batswana for the world. Tsena’s mission is to serve as  center stage to understand and help make Botswana a truly one nation through visual storytelling…

How we started:

Founded under the influence and need for more information about Batswana and what Batswana get up to on a daily basis, Tsena is an opportunity for us to share and learn about Botswana and share with the world who we really are, connecting you with your passions and helping you to discover the mystery and promise of the World Wide Web. Engrained in this truth we aim to be a guide to Botswana’s digital information, informing, connecting and entertaining our users with search, communications, and digital content products and about Botswana….

Our Partners

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