Western Botswana Officially Launched

This month’s launch of Western Insurance Botswana and Western Life Insurance Botswana has brought much-needed variety to the country’s insurance sector.

The duo form part of the Western National Insurance group, which in turn is a subsidiary of the renowned PSG Group in South Africa.

Speaking at the launch, which was held at Masa Square Hotel on October 17, Western Insurance Botswana CEO Victor Nnoi said, “There is a great need in this market, one which we do not believe to be satisfied as yet – thus the introduction of Western Botswana.

“Through Western Insurance Botswana and Western Life Insurance Botswana, we look forward to serving Batswana and assisting them in protecting their hard-earned assets and making sure families are protected against unforeseen circumstances.”

The Western brand was established in 2004 in Namibia with a view towards bringing a value proposition to the market based on flexibility, personalised service and regionalised decision making.



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