Weekly Roll: Unregistered voters

The SADC region is going through a time of leadership changes. Neighbouring have leaders in the political and private sectors changing with hope for the better.

South Africa, SADC’s biggest country by population, GDP and even area has had a new President come in following the stepping down of the former President Jacob Zuma. Zimbabwe as well has had the same happen for her where the long serving Robert Mugabe agreed to step down making way for the now President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa. Namibia, Zambia, Lesotho and other SADC states will in time have the same changes apply to them.

Despite all these changes, the same states will soon have their national elections which could possibly see the installations of new Presidents altogether, whether through the coming in of a different party or the continuation of the same. Our very own beloved Botswana is also gearing up for her national elections in the year 2019. Voter registration has been opened for some time and only shat down on the 11th of November countrywide. All Batswana adults had been encouraged to register for voting and be responsible citizens.

Reports from the just ended voter registration state that only 750 000 Batswana have registered for elections yet over 1 000 000 are eligible to vote. The same reports suggest that this could mean only 500 000  Batswana will end up voting despite the higher registration number. We took on o our weekly poll to check if this could be true. A simple question we asked our respondents whether they had registered for the 2019 general elections or not. Only 29% of all respondents said that they have registered while 71% said that they hadn’t registered. This is a appalling difference that we should not be proud of. Itose Motswana wetsho.