Weekly Roll: Then & Now

The hunt for employment, yes, the hunt, is no simple feat for most. It’s no longer just a search for employment but an actual hunt. You spot that vacancy and align every resource you have to increase your chances of having your name on it.

The landscape apparently was easier in the earlier days of Botswana’s economy where job searching was a very foreign concept. People automatically had jobs upon completion of their education regardless of the level. Whether a degree, certificate or even BGCSE level holders were eligible for a job somewhere and the jobs were waiting for them. Everything in life was simpler then not necessarily easier as the advent of technology was still at an infant stage.

Our weekly poll was around the same issue on whether it was easier to get a job then than it is today. By  “then” we mean the early years of Botswana’s economy in the 1980s. We gave our respondents only 2 options with the first being “Yes, it was” and the second being “No, it wasn’t”. Of all our respondents, 100% of them all agreed that “Yes, it was” easier to get a job in the early economy than it is today.