Weekly roll: Re-negotiate.

Negotiation is legal and fair, and anywhere it is not allowed is an unfair environment. Coming together to sit on the table and re-negotiate the terms and conditions of whichever agreement it is on the table.

In this past week, we took a look at negotiations from a salary perspective on our jobs page. Salaries are very important aspects of an organization to both the employer and employee. The employer needs to pay salaries on time, as agreed for the welfare of their staff and continuity of the work that staff needs to pay. The employees need their salaries paid on time, as agreed to enable them to get to work and deliver, as well as keep up with life’s demands.

Salaries are however more than that. For them to satisfy the above they need to be enough to cater for all those. Governments across the world have set standards that serve as a guide in staff remuneration which are set according to a country’s cost of living. Our weekly poll asked what one needs to re-negotiate their salary assuming that someone would be in a position that needs them to do so with their employer. A list of possible options was given with the first being a new qualification, years of experience, a new job offer and lastly all of the above. For an employee to call their employer to the table over their offering can be done using any and even all of the above according to our respondents. 50% of the said a new job offer is what needs to be used while the other 50% said it’s all of the above.