Weekly roll: Part time vs Full time

Everybody needs to work, we may not all want it but we do need it. The way our world is requires that everybody have food to eat daily. Even if you do not put in any work, there should be someone who does that for you for your own survival.

There are different types of ways in which individuals can do this, either through part time or full time employment. Even individuals that are self-employed fall within one of these categories, full time or part time. A self-employed individual could be doing what they do full time or part time, sometimes it can be both. A growing trend of late has been that of individuals that startup businesses while still under the employment of other organisations which would mean that they are part time workers of their stat ups and full time workers of their employers.

We took to the weekly poll to ask our users what their thoughts are on this topic, which of the employment categories they prefer, which is better than the other. Each employment type has it’s advantages and disadvantages just as anything else in the world of human resource. Full time employment for example usually comes with greater benefits such as pension fund contributions and access to loan facilities from banks while it calls for a whole day of an individual giving them less time to attend to their personal needs if any.

Part time employment may seem to be disadvantageous seeing that it may not offer greater security as the full time employment category. As a part time employee you may not get as much pay as a full time worker but the advantage of it is that you can get another job elsewhere and increase your income. Our poll results however are in support of the part time employment options at 67% and only 33% saying that they aren’t better than full time employment.