Weekly Roll: My Salary

It’s a weekly roll again as we wrap up our week and it is going to be the best one yet. We are talking salaries in this poll something most of us live by. Yes the unemployment rate of the country is extremely high but there are some of us that live off salaries and have our families well-kept from the same regardless of how much we earn.

On our Jobs page, we took up this poll on salary payments, asking what people would prefer on how their salaries should be paid. It is the norm in Botswana and probably the world over that salaries at a specific time of the month. Here at home, salaries are paid towards the end of the month, every month, giving a 30 day cycle to the payments made. Although this is the norm, it is possible that other people within the same system would prefer it otherwise.

The weekly poll asked our users if they would prefer their salaries credited monthly, bi-monthly or annually. Each method has it’s pros and cons but all those are up to the employees of the respective employers. There are also a lot of things to consider in determine which payment method would be best, one may be comfortable with the monthly payment method as it’s all they have ever known and have thus accustomed themselves to it. The other may be considering bi-monthly payments considering their cash flow during the course of each month.

Lastly are those that would prefer annual payments of their salaries. This would be beneficial to those that are well disciplined with their money to be able to use it for 12 months having received it only once. Those undertaking sizeable projects would also prefer such a method so as to make the necessary down payments on certain assets. There however presents some pros and cons to the employer as well with these methods. The highest risk bearing method is the annual payments as an employee can decide to switch jobs or retire before the 12 month period lapses though this can be mitigated in other ways.

As for our respondents, they had different opinions all together with each answer receiving equal responses. It appears we are very different in our country and the people here prefer different things.