Weekly roll: Holiday closure

Mid December to early January is the busiest time of the year, full of fun activity and restful days. It is also a known fact that most people aren’t at work during this time whether you work for an employer who closes off during this time or not. For those that don’t close off they have to take leave from duty and go enjoy themselves.

Another well-known fact is that not everyone enjoys their time at work, whether it be a blue or white collar job. There are different types of job environments regardless the job and these affect us in different ways. My belief is that this together with other reasons influences an employee’s outlook. We took to the polls before close of December with a poll on closing of business around this time of the year, whether they all close, should close or don’t close at all.

The results, as usual, are informative, a good guide for HR practitioners around the country. Of the 3 options given, “no, but they should” had the highest number of responses at 75% meaning respondents probably work for organisations that do not close off during the holiday time. These employees are required to take leave from work to enjoy the holidays with their loved ones. This was followed by the option “yes, they do” from employees who work in organisations that close off for the holidays at 25%. To all employers, do consider closing off for the holidays for better employee satisfaction.