Weekly roll: Field Jobs

Field jobs…are they the kind that one works in the field? Maybe…

The definition of a field job according to today’s article refers to a job that one does outside of an enclosed environment like an office. These jobs are sometimes full time field jobs without any office work and at times they are a mix of office work with periodical field work. Jobs such as these include construction workers in roles like brick laying, painting, compacting etc., who are always on site as well as farm work. In the other category of field jobs are those that feature a mix of the two and most of the time are the most enjoyable as some people prefer to move in between the office and the field. Jobs such as marketing officers, soldiers and police officers and journalists sometimes feature field aspects to their routines.

The jobs are all different from one person to the other due to our differences. Some people prefer to be out in the field always while others cannot stand the outdoors. Some need a mix of the 2 and use the outside engagements as refreshers time and again on what they would be doing. We then took it out to the polls to see what people think of field jobs. Only 2 options were provided, ‘my favourite’ and ‘the worst’ for respondents to choose from. 100% of our respondents say that they find field jobs as their favourite kind of jobs.