Weekly roll: Bulela Ditswe

Bulela Ditswe is approximately 2 weeks old now with a few constituencies yet to take to the polls yet again for various reasons. There has been a lot of commotion around the recently held Bulela Ditswe election results and we engaged with our users following the elections.

The Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) is Botswana’s ruling political party which conducts it’s own internal elections every year before the national elections. There are other circumstances that may lead to the conduction of internal elections by the party such as the loss of a party member by death, resignation, expulsion or even party switching. The 2018 BDP Bulela Ditswe elections were however held in preparation for the upcoming national elections.

The party which is the largest in Botswana and has also been in government since Botswana gained independence had their Bulela Ditswe elections held across the entire country. Political heavyweights that have been in government for years had declared their candidacy with new contestants facing them in their elections. Other experienced politicians have been submitting their resignations making way for even more new entrants into the political party to come in and serve their party.

We took to the polls following the results asking for people’s opinions on these. The results stirred different emotions across the country with other people left shocked while others were happy. The poll had 3 options with the first being “a shock” with 65% of the votes. Most people were shocked as they did not expect the results to turn out the way they did. The popular politicians lost the elections to the new cadre of politicians. The second option had 25% of the votes who said that the results were what they expected. Whether their expectation was for certain politicians to win or lose we do not know but whatever the case the results were what they expected.

Lastly was the remaining 10% of voters who believe that the Bulela Ditswe results were exactly what the parties had prepared for. Every party, according to these users knew who they favoured internally and who had to make way for the others.