Weekly roll: Is brilliant better?

It goes with saying that since the beginning of education there has always been a push for excellence and great rewards following it. This can be proven through people’s testimonials on this theory and the difference in the educational institutions around the world.

An example of this is how an English Medium or Private School’s tuition costs more than that of a Public or Government School. The amount of money is assumably paid towards better tuition for the students with expectation of better results. The student’s brilliance is heightened and those with learning challenges are better assisted to improve their learning. We took it further on this issue to now employment of the same students. Is it easier to get employed as a brilliant and exceptional performer or the odds are the same as the more average student.

Our poll results came back very interesting and alarming. The brilliance of a student, according to our poll results does not really determine the employability of the said student. The poll respondents seem to believe that there is no direct correlation between brilliance and employability. Even the less brilliant graduates can land a job ahead of those that performed better than them. This could be true and so out of a number of reasons, one being that the better performer did not have the persona for the job. Whichever it is excellence still needs to be rewarded and whether brillaince is better or not its up to you but we would say, yes!