Weekly Roll!

The weekly poll, a weekly news update on new created by you and me has another one for you today. In our last series we had a focus on athletes and their sport, athletics.

This past week we picked up something interesting and took it up on our poll. Winter starts in May and the start of it is a holiday, Labour Day. This begged the question on whether or not the May has more holidays than June. 82% of the respondents said “Yes, it does” with 18% dis agreeing with them that it doesn’t. The truth is available for everyone to see. May has at least 2 holidays recognized by the government of Botswana and June doesn’t have any. May starts off with Labour Day on the 1st then Ascension Day on the second Thursday of the month.

We carried the winter theme to our careers page and asked about the availability of formal winter wear in Botswana. Our work is mostly formal or informal and our focus this time was on formal wear, mainly suits, dresses, coats, scarfs and other accessories. Majority of the respondents at 67% believe that formal winter wear is available in Botswana while 33% of our respondents were not in agreement. Formal winter wear is normally stocked by various retailers in March, just before the winter season begins but due to varying styles some people may think and feel that there isn’t enough of their style available for them to purchase and look their best in winter.