Weekly Roll!

Humility and submission are amongst the most powerful tools one can possess and this is well known by the religious folk. People across the world have different beliefs that they follow and live by and religion is one of the most followed. Human beings believe in a higher power, that they are not the Supreme Being but there is another known as God whom they reverence.

A quick poll went out in remembrance of a tradition upheld in most schools around the country from primary up to high school and that is the Morning Prayer. Every morning, be it in class or general assembly schools have always had Morning Prayer sessions to dedicate themselves to to God. Humbling themselves, both teachers and students at least recite their words of faith before getting started with the day’s activities. I however have not met that in the work place and wondered if others haven’t too. Results from our poll may suggest that I am not the only one as many others were of the position that Morning Prayer sessions must be instituted in every organization at 67% with only 37% disagreeing with this.

Now as it may seem that I am not the only one missing these prayer sessions, it is evident from our second poll that there’s others in agreement with my view on employment. Technology has brought in both good and bad but is it everyone who is affected. My current job is one that cannot be automated even with the advent of artificial intelligence. There is still a need for further development of AI for it to successfully deliver on my tasks unless there are much more advanced versions I am not aware of. Looking at your current job would you also say it cannot be automated or you are at risk of losing it to a machine. Whatever the case, be proactive, take it head on and secure your future.

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