Weekly Roll!

January means summertime, a season started late the previous year and summer time means rain. It may not be a favourite for most but it definitely is for most of Batswana as we’re mainly pastoral farmers. It means we are able to plough our fields and sow in seed looking forward to a great harvest. It also means we are able to graze our livestock in better pasture and fatten them for our annual celebrations.

This year, however, rainfall has not come in as expected. Since October last year we have not had rain as we usually do. Our tractors have long been serviced but not been put to good use as the ground is still rock hard. Even those in the sandy soil areas have not started planting yet because no seed would grow in this extremely hot weather. We took to our polls to see if everybody saw it this way and asked if the 2017/18 rainy season was late and 90% of our visitors were in agreement that the season is late. Only 10% thought that the season isn’t late and these are most probably our city dwellers who haven’t yet realised that its extremely hot outside and rain hasn’t come down as it should.

Our second poll was focused on the issue of integrity in the organization. Botswana law gives companies and other organizations their own identities apart from their owners. This means they can have human like traits such as personality, culture and integrity, which is a key value in some organisations. Our poll was on checking what people think is the status of organizational integrity in Botswana and the result is shocking. Organisational integrity is taken to not be a key value in Botswana as 100% of our respondents thought it not to be. This is a serious concern for our upcoming and already existing organizations locally. We need to do something.