Weekly Roll!

The world over we celebrate different things, some jointly while others are specific only to us. Most of those that are celebrated or commemorated daily are called international days, non-specific to gender, race or religion.

This past Friday we commemorated World AIDS Day across the globe. It is an international day that is observed by all in the world in an effort to acknowledge the existence of the deadly disease and to also remind each other of the efforts we have made and are making to combat this pandemic. World AIDS Day is always commemorated on December 1st but the question is does everybody know? We may not all be infected with the disease or have any family members battling the disease but it does affect us somehow. We are all a part of a global village and what affects one affects us all. This disease has taken away the lives of many and still is to date which is why we all need to stand up and stop new infections from happening, bringing an end to it.

We took to the polls to assess how many of us where aware that December 1st was World AIDS Day and the response was positive, very encouraging. Although we didn’t get a 100% positive response it was significant. 86% of our respondents were well aware that December 1st was World AIDS Day while only a shocking 14% thought it was United Nations Day. Our publicity campaign has to be applauded since a great majority of people know about the day. The remaining few will also catch and together we can move forward in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

On the careers end we have a job focused poll running…humanitarian aide has been circulating worldwide following the many catastrophic events that have been happening. Natural disasters, civil wars, sanctions, disease outbreaks and others have brought people the world over into poverty and extreme living conditions. This has seen the world’s super powers and wealthy pour in money towards the aide of the affected individuals. The money has been in used in various even in areas where there has not been any unfortunate encounter. Botswana is one such place that has enjoyed peace for a very long time and many may think we do not have any humanitarian activities locally.

We asked our respondents what they thought about humanitarian roles and this is what they said. 60% of our respondents believe that these jobs are only carried out in any country where there is need, it’s not only an African activity in war stricken countries. 40% of our respondents also thought that humanitarian jobs are for all ages, not specific to certain age groups. Anyone form any age bracket, so long as they are permitted to work by their resident country can take up a humanitarian job role. Lastly, none of our respondents thought that they are jobs only for old people. In all, the people’s outlook regarding humanitarian jobs is a welcome one.