The Weekly Roll!

I love these weekly poll articles, they keep in sync. Through them I know I’m not the only one in a single train of thought, there’s others. I realise that there are other people out there but what’s left now is for me to actually meet with them.

This past Friday we had the Mascom President’s Concert, a fun filled family type event. One could easily think that the event is led by the President himself His Excellency Dr. Seretse Khama Ian Khama but it isn’t so. When it started the nation’s president would actually attend the event and it was his brainchild. There would be acts from different groups on the night and this is still the case today. We ran a little poll to gauge Batswana’s understanding of this event, whether it is for the grown up folk only or not. 50% of our respondents believed that it’s a good vent even for young people, with 31% of respondents believing that it is a good family event. Only 19% of our respondents thought it was for people over 40. At least a small number is misinformed.

We had another concert approximately a week before the Mascom President’s Concert. It really is a time of festivities and no weekend goes by without any activity. There’s a group of musicians called UB40, an international band. The group was scheduled for a concert here in Botswana and actually made it. The name of the band is quite unique and that influenced our careers poll question.

Every job has or at least should have a remuneration package, it’s only fair this way. UB40 actually stands for “Unemployment Benefits 40”, a policy that was in place in the UK back in the day. I know not if it is still active to date but the group was formed by a group of men that lived off of unemployment benefits as they were actually not employed. They have been making music since then and have a huge following worldwide. Our poll, however was not so much about UB40 but unemployment benefits. Botswana has those for the elderly in the country, all citizens above 60 years of age. The question then was should the unemployment benefits be developed for people younger than 40.

Surprisingly, 85% of our respondents were in agreement that they actually should be made. The remaining 15% voted against it. The big question here is why do so great a number of people wasn’t unemployment benefits to be put in place for younger people. I know not the reason why the UK government instituted the unemployment benefits for 40 year old people but I know that there is much that younger people can do. The times may be tough but there surely is enough for one to get started. Go on in fellow countryman and do your best.