The Weekly Roll!

It’s almost the end of the year and festivities have begun. Every other weekend is seen off by a festival of sorts. This past weekend is no exception but let’s pass by our poll from last week.

The weekend before we had international hit artist Tekno, a fellow African who’s taken the world by storm. The young artist hails from Nigeria and was in town for a Fables event. A short poll was run to assess the impact the artist had at the show, how big a hit he really was and 72% said yes, he was a hit. People were gathered to see him performing live. Only 28% said he was “just ok”, making his performance an average one and not out of the ordinary.

Earlier that week we had another poll running on our jobs page following Sir Richard Branson’s visit to Botswana. It was not the first time the billionaire visited the country though it was his first public engagement. We have had a lot high profile individuals come into the country mainly for tourism recreational activities and not so much on official duty. Sir Branson this time around came into the country for the Global Expo Botswana 2017. He was here to address attendants of a Q&A session with Sir Richard Branson. A session set out to motivate local business people and share insights on what can be done to further businesses locally.

Our poll was set to assess if the Sir Richard Branson session was the eye opener it was meant to be and it appears so. 67% of respondents were in agreement that the session was indeed an eye opener, there’s much he shared that can and hopefully will be of benefit to them. Only 33% thought otherwise and the question is, what were they hoping to get? There must be more one can learn from men like him so we should have him back here even with others that we learn even more.