Weekly Roll!

Our weekly roll is here and we touched on a little Independence fever…What people get up to is always a mystery, what they do, who they do it with and where. We ran a pol to check with what you think the holidays are for, whether they are for great family time or just relaxing.

Surely we still uphold our normadic culture and Gaborone is not our home. 74% of our respondents said holidays are for great family time that is they catch up with family during the holidays and they did exactly that during these past Independence holidays. Our families are still outside Gaborone, in our home villages and we all gather there whenever we get the time and catch up. Only 26% of our respondents said that they are for relaxing. Ba ke bone Ma-Gaborone.

The Independence holidays also come with a host of activities and one key activity is the National celebration held at the National Stadium in Gaborone. A day of military showdowns and a night of fireworks. This begged a question in us and we decided to share it with you to gather your thoughts. Is the work of a soldier to defend the country and not to entertain at the Independence celebrations. This was out of the show the soldiers put on at the celebrations. 40% of you said that the work of a soldier is only to defend the country while 60% said it’s more than that.