The Weekly Roll!

It’s been a celebratory mood for the past few days countrywide. We just got back from the independence holiday and there surely must be much we wish to talk about. We had though, in our past week ran a poll to see how many of us knew what we were celebrating here on Tsena.

Tsena is Botswana’s first online community portal that was launched on the 22nd of September 2016. Friday the 22nd marked exactly one year since Tsena was launched and this was worth celebrating. Through the commitment of our various content providers we have kept the portal as an interesting and worthwhile place for you to visit. A place where you can learn of all things Botswana and even contribute to this diverse environment.

We had a good response rate to this poll and 86% of our respondents were aware that it was Tsena’s 1st year anniversary. I suspect Facebook gave us away but until an actual investigation is conducted I cannot confidently say it was so. Only 14% of the respondents were in disagreement with our poll and these need us to tell them more about Tsena and for them to interact more. Next time we’ll have a great giveaway that’ll call for their truthful participation.

Content, too, is a key part of Tsena just as we are as users. Our careers poll was all on gathering the thoughts and perceptions of being a Tsena content creator and provider. Creation of content is a very diverse task as content itself is diverse. It all depends on what you wish to achieve with this content, who you are targeting just to mention a few. The poll was specifically after knowing who can be a Tsena content contributor and 100% of our respondents knew and understood that it was for everyone interested. What kind of content do you have, would you like to share it with someone? If so, share your content right here on Tsena.