Weekly Poll – Where’s our winner from

  • Photo cred: Rally-Raid Network

The biggest off road racing event in Southern Africa has recently come to an end. The Toyota 1000km Desert Race has been hosted by Botswana for a god number of years and this year’s race was held on the 22nd – 24th of June in Jwaneng.

The race attracts international brands and off road racers across the different categories and has gained great recognition from sponsors and public support. The race that was held in Jwaneng for the past 2 races before this year has proven to be a good location and race. Batswana from all over the country attend the event in great numbers and never feel shortchanged by the racers. The race which consists of motorbikes, sand masters and pick up categories in layman’s terms never disappoints across all these categories.

The main category of the event is the pick-ups which most people prefer to watch. The category features modified versions of the double cab pick up vehicles we have locally across the different. The favourites among these are the Ford Ranger, VW Amarok and the most famous Toyota Hilux which has been the winner over the years. The 2018 edition of the TDR was also won by Toyota and our poll was more focused on who the winners are and where they are from. We had 4 options for our poll answers with the first being Nigerian with only 5% of the votes.

Next up on the list was American, Motswana and lastly South African. American had no answer at all while Motswana ad 14% and South Africa had 82% of all the votes. The main race was won by 2 gentlemen who are well experienced in this off road racing. If the poll answers are anything to go by then the answer with the most votes has won. It is true, the winners of the 2018 TDR are South African. Well done to you gentlemen.