Weekly Poll – TDR

A lovely weekend it was, filled with much entertainment from the Fete De La’ musique experience amongst many other activities. We catch up with our weekly poll following such a great weekend and reflect on our polls from the past week.

Acronyms, a great invention that’s saved us a lot of time in our conversations and added some style to languages was our focus this week. These newly formed words that cut down sentences into a word are sometimes hard to pronounce. Moreover, they can be difficult to figure out more especially if it’s a word that one doesn’t commonly use. Acronyms like DIS, CEDA, NDB and BDC are easily deciphered locally as they are of well-known organisations. That are some very long ones that are still well known like MYSEC which stands for the Ministry of Youth Sports and Culture.

In our weekly poll, we were focused on the TDR acronym. What it stands for over 60% of Batswana know but call with a different name. TDR is most commonly among people most close to the event. The event started in Botswana some years ago and gained popularity having been hosted at a small village in the Kweneng District called “Mmantshwabise”. TDR, as you may now see, stands for the Toyota Desert Race, an annual off road racing event held in Botswana. TDR is organised by the Botswana Tourism Organisation and this year held it in Jwaneng. Of all our respondents 100% knew what it stood for and clearly these are avid supports and followers of the dirt sport.