War vets remembered

New Capitol Cinema hosted the media, members of Botswna Defence Force and historians at a premiere of the movie Dunkirk in honour of 10 000 Batswana World War II veterans. New Capitol Chief Executive Officer, Caroline Desai, said the movie was about the evacuation of allied soldiers from the beaches on Dunkirk in 1940. The evacuation was done in 8 days and 340 000 soldiers were rescued on just 800 boats. “This movie educates and inspires and Dunkirk inspires us to ask ourselves what was Botswana’s role during World War II. We found out that there were 10 000 men that served which is the largest number from African countries. They served in many roles, artillery gunners, mechanics, drivers, camouflage smoke markers, bridge builders, aircraft recovery and front line supply shifters,” said Desai. The CEO said the war vets were extraordinary great men and that Sergeant Major Molwa Sekgoma was awarded the M.B.E while Sergeant Major Rasebolai Kgamane and Seargent Chitu Bakombi were awarded British Empire medals.


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