Voice of the fittest rapper

Below we publish the last 11 nominees of The Voice Fittest Rapper competition. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates.

This trio of Narcotic Bleak, Shxwn X and Nazi Natzi turned their passion into something tangible. After teaming up At John Mackenzie he was more into football until he teamed up with members of NBR. “Freestyles and beat boxing turned into studio hours. Being a scholar and an artist is difficult but as long as im with North Beast its worth it. Shout out to our producers : King-Pin, Empire and K-Frost.”

This lyricist was born and raised in the mining town of Selebi Phikwe but finds comfort in calling Tonota his home village. He started rapping at age 14 and has went on to share the stage with big stars such as Heavy K, Dr Malinga, Nomadic, Apollo D, Zeus and many others. He has featured in a couple of local mix tapes including “We run the streets”, HSP Bucket Hat Mix Tape and Dramaboi’s Township Music album.


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