Time to Redefine Agriculture!

The Southern District Agricultural Show was officially opened on 3rd August 2018 by Minister for Presidential Affairs and Public Administration, Hon. Eric Molale in Kanye.  The Southern District Agricultural Show is an annual show that creates a platform for local farmers, both arable and pastoral to meet and showcase their products. This year is no different as farmers have come as far as Serowe ready to share and take in as much knowledge as they can.

Botswana’s harsh climate condition and economic environment has forced farmers to come up with environmentally friendly, cost effective and innovative sustainable solutions that will help improve their farming techniques and run farms that can contribute significantly to the economy. The days of going to the farm for leisure and lazing around have come to an end as farmers are now looking into commercializing farming.  Food security has become of utmost importance as the climate continues to change calling for farmers to adapt and survive. This year’s theme ‘Redefining Agriculture’ is exactly what farmers needed in order to look into alternative farming techniques and get a new perspective on how they can ‘Redefine Agriculture.’ This can be achieved by changing the approach that we have had towards farming over the years and exploring alternative agricultural methods.

Agriculture is on the brink of a digital revolution that will possibly lead to its own exponential growth and deliver solutions we never thought possible. Just as the iPhone created new expectations for how people can use a mobile phone, digitization is resetting expectations for how food will be produced and farms will be managed in the future. The participation of companies such as Mascom is exciting as they have a significant role to play in the advancement and enhancement of agriculture through ICT. The exponential growth in smartphone technologies redefined and reset our expectations for what was possible on a phone. Although we can’t predict exactly what will happen as we prepare for the digital revolution in agriculture, there is no doubt that it will exponentially enhance the ability of farmers to bring more food from every acre to market and take better care of the environment in order to achieve longevity.

There is no better way to learn than to learn through experience and the Southern District Agricultural Show has great potential to give farmers firsthand information from farmers who have the relevant experience. The event will run till 4th August 2018 with stalls from various farmers and stakeholders in the farming fraternity.