TeamBW Shines Again

With Botswana recently going through a winning streak in Sports (athletics and netball to be specific), Gaborone International Convention Centre was rumbling last night as Fox Sports hosted a boxing championship. As is protocol, the national anthem of Botswana opened up the show and a moment of silence was observed for the late former President of the Republic Of Botswana, Sir Quett Ketumile Masire.  

Amongst the esteemed audience was the president of Botswana Boxing Association Dr. Thato Moses Patlakwe, President of Africa Netball Mrs. Tebogo LebotseSebego and His excellency the United States of America ambassador to Botswana, Earl R. Miller to name a few. The night promised to be an exciting night as supporters and supporting associations came out to show their support.

International Super-Featherweight bout opening match was between Local Tshepang Babui and Lunga Ngoma from South Africa. They both started the match heated, with Tshepang sneaking in a few good shots to his opponent’s surprise. By the 3rd round it was clear that both opponents were fighting for the win. Tshepang proved how strong of an opponent he was in the 3rd round as he won the match by a TKO.

The crowd went crazy in the second bout as Steven Bagwasi and Brandon Bocking took to the ring. The first round started off with Steven fired up as Brandon struggled to stay afloat as Steven didn’t give him any openings. Brandon seemed to have a strong upper-cut however Steven dropped him to the floor within the first round. Second round didn’t disappoint as Steven kept his energy up and continued to be quick on his feet taking down a persistent Brandon to the floor for the second time. Brandon Bocking continued to fight although his energy was evidently low towards the end of the second round. Steven took down Brandon Bocking for the 3rd time ending the match with another TKO win for Team Botswana.

At this point you could literally feel the energy amongst Batswana as they cheered on with excitement at the performance of Team Botswana.

The next match between Kutlwano Ogaketse and Vusi Zwane kept the energy at a similar fast pace as the other bouts however Vusi failed to keep up  as he was knocked out in first round.

In the last bout, the audience witnessed Rafael Ilta and Mmoloki Thipe as they took to the ring ready and determined. Batswana had to be the most excited amongst the crowd as they were hoping for another win for the Botswana boxers. Sadly the bout didn’t go beyond 3 minutes of the first round as Rafael won by a TKO in the first round.

Although 4 wins would have been a great achievement for Team Botswana in the international lightweight contest, their performance was beyond good, simply spectacular. Well done to the team!