Runwidit takes on Run400

Runwidit is embarking on a first of its kind non-stop ultra-relay run from Gaborone to Selebi Phikwe. This spans a distance of 406km in total. The term relay is where each runner is allocated a section of the race to run, and these sections are referred to as ‘legs’. There is a total of 30 runners who are participating. Each runner will run their allocated leg, which will be +/-10km, and hand over to the next runner, and so forth until the entire distance is covered. The race is non-stop meaning that it will be run throughout the day and night over a period of 48 – 50 hours. Seeing the devastation that has happened in Phikwe since the closure of the BCL mine, they saw it fitting to also add a charity element where each runner who participates, as well as the cru at large, will raise funds for every km that is covered on the run. The funds will be donated to a deserving charity in Phikwe, details of which will be shared in due course. Over and above the Run400 event, the aim is for the runners participating in the event, as well as others from the cru to take part in the Orange Selebi Phikwe Marathon taking place on the 11th of August 2018 at 0600hrs.

Start point: Sebele Centre Gaborone @ 04:00
End point: Cresta Bosele Selebi Phikwe ~ 05:00

It is with hard work, commitment, determination and support from our friends and family that we will be able to achieve this goal, but most importantly it is with the camaraderie we have come to build as a Cru that will carry us through. Please follow our social media pages for all updates and all the action. We will be streaming most of run live on Facebook. Our handles are Runwidit on Facebook and @runwidit_bw on Instagram.

For more information, please contact Mphoeng on 72232365