Poetry Night at Kana Jang?

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While you're in Maun, do make a stop at Kana Jang for a fat cake with honey and some homemade iced tea. With various activities/shows being hosted at the Nhabe Museum, Kana Jang is a stone throw away and the perfect place to grab a bite in between shows and enjoy the ambiance of the intimate eatery. 

Under the Mochaba tree, somewhere on the banks of Thamalakane River in Maun, opposite the historical Maun Education Park, we tasted the menu. Beautiful people. Awesome reviews. And most of all, a beautiful crowd - one with nature. It's a beautiful start and the movement continues to grow. Situated at the old mall Barclays plaza, Kana Jang will welcome you with loud laughter and warm light. The traditional vintage interior infused with a modern feel will have you feeling right at home. The traditional meals that we grew up eating in our grandmothers kitchens will give you an appreciation of a full Setswana meal. From basic traditional breakfast to basic lunch meals, traditional and authentic has never tasted and looked better. Morogo, Dumplings, Serobe and beef all available for those seeking a simplistic traditional meal surrounded by history and nature. 

Operating Hours

Monday-Friday: 0800hrs-1500hrs

Saturdays: 1000hrs-1400hrs