Lorraine's Ntlo Maison

City or Town: 
+267 311 23 91

Detailed Description

Lorraine's Ntlo Maison is a French Bistro Restaurant with an African Twist located in Gaborone Partial, Middle Star shopping complex. Currently the only french bistro in Botswana, Lorraine's Ntlo Maison offers a wide range of french dishes that can be customised to your liking. Whether it's Corporate Event Catering, Event Management & Decor or Private Chef Services we will be sure to deliver with or first class service. We don't do a lot of talking, do come and experience it yourself... 

Operating Hours

Monday: 1130hrs-Lunch & Dinner 

Tuesday-Saturday: 0930hrs-Breakfast, lunch and dinner 

Special Sundays: The first and last sundays of the month. eg. Mothers day, Fathers day etc. 

Visit our website on: http://lnm-frenchrestaurant.com/