Kwa Ga Ncinci

City or Town: 
77 106 757

Detailed Description

Established by a self taught foodie, Kwa Ga Ncinci has grown to become one of the most popular eateries in Gaborone. Frequented by the artistic and vibrant crowd, they blend in well with the setup and décor of the establishment. Enjoy our array of delightful meals which include burgers, oxtail, and fresh homemade refreshments. Our famous ‘ Braai Day Friday’ is ideal for meat lovers looking for their meat fix and a good time around people just like them. We have to warn you though, this is not just a food thing,it's a lifestyle; so brace yourself to become a part of the 'Kwa ga Ncinci' family. Do come by for a beautiful hang out. 

'Love FooD and Light up your Life' 

Operating Hours

Tuesday-Sunday: 1000hrs-2200hrs