Kaytees Restaurant

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Most people Love travelling and most of us have travel 'rituals/ traditions' that we abide by no matter the circumstances. Everyone who frequents the A1 driving past Mahalapye knows there’s a procedure that you undergo when you get to Mahalapye. If you don’t frequent the A1, when you do head to the north (once or twice a year) you too will abide by this long living ritual Batswana kept for many years. Established in 1980, Kaytee’s is a gem in Mahalapye. For just one simple reason, their free range chicken (Koko ya Setswana). The chicken has been famous since the 80’s and still has the same delicious taste it had many years ago. Nobody knows the secret but it is a MUST do when in Mahalapye. In fact if you meet anyone that has never been to Kaytees, run! Bring them some on your way back. We have since improved our menu but plan on sharing our classics with generations to come. So on your way up, a Kaytees Stop should not be forgotten…

Operating Hours

Monday-Sunday: 0600hrs-2000hrs