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The Story of The Caravela In the early 1400’s, a tiny country of passionate people with big hearts and brave, adventurous spirits endeavored to sail the sailing vessel known as Caravela across the seas to share their culture and explore foreign lands. On each return voyage of exploration, the courageous Caravela crew introduced the Portuguese to new flavors and tastes from distant lands. The herbs and spices were infused with the local foods to create tantalizing dishes. We offer to you chouriço served flaming tableside, cataplana – a Portuguese specialty dish of seafood served in a unique copper pot made only in Portugal, curry from the Far East and the full bodied spiciness of Peri-Peri from Africa’s own lands. Recipes continue to be passed down from the daring early Portuguese sailors who chose to make the world a smaller, more intimate place by combining cultures and flavors. Come discover with us this intimacy at The Caravela – a one of its kind restaurant catering to your specific desires. Experience the sights, sounds and tastes that are distinctly Portugal. Enjoy our three separate dining areas each offering a distinct ambience. An open air patio garden for business and casual lunches, a formal dining room for those intimate celebrations and business meetings and a cozy bar dining area offering the warmth of a fireplace on those cool Winter nights and an assortment of cool, refreshing drinks for those hot summer nights. The Bar – we have an extensive selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to suit everyone’s taste. We offer a large selection of beer options naturally including the tastes of Portugal. Our wine selection extends well beyond the fabulous Portuguese wines and Ports to offer a fine accompaniment to your meal choice.