Blue Flame Kitchen

City or Town: 
74015532 / 74593714

Detailed Description

Blue flame Kitchen is a food and food service provider , founded by two diploma holding Proffesional Chefs to Give serious dinners and the general food lovers a place  to enjoy international flavours made locally with local ingredients and attention to detail in preparation and delivery. Our aim is to link the local palette to the international menu. We offer dinning services for the outdoors and indoors, some of our services let you the client choose a location and we turn it into a full on resturaunt or a food kiosk with waiter service or butler service and live chefs cooking  , for your intimate family lunches, parties , more over we offer a food delivery service for your office lunches and kiddies school lunches

Here is a list of our services

  • upscale braai service
  • cocktail menu service
  • bowl service dining
  • action station service
  • ala carte dining
  • private chef services
  • team building (food and fitness outing and activities)
  • interactive food bar
  • buffet service
  • kiddies parties
  • packed lunches (adults and kids)
  • international ethnic cuisines
  • Setswana ethic cuisine
  • table top decoration
  • wedding planning
  • Cooking equipment hire
  • Venue hiring
  • tables ,chairs and crockery hiring
  • Blue flame sauces and condements

We at Blue Flame Kitchen believe in using organic produce and healthy cooking techniques to keep our clients healthy , to promote an organic lifestyle and concious eating among our people and to promote local farmers and local Flavours.