Reliving the horrors of Robben Island

A trip to Robben Island Museum brought the horrors of apartheid to life for four History students from Matshekge Hill Senior School.

Having read about segregation and racism in their history books, last week the pupils got to experience what black people went through for 43 years in South Africa.

The expedition was part of this year’s Robben Island Museum Spring School – an initiative started by the Ex-Political Prisoners Committee (EPPC).

Competing against other selected schools from the SADC region, the Botswana students finished fourth for their presentation on ex-political prisoner Michael Dingake and third for their Culture presentation.

Dinkage, who is a member of EPPC, was arrested in 1965 for his involvement with the African National Congress (ANC) and missed the first 15 years of Botswana’s independence imprisoned on Robben Island.

He was eventually released on the 5h of May 1981 and went on to publish ‘My Fight against Apartheid’ – an autobiography documenting his experiences.


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