Region 5 CEO – Mr. Stanley Mutoya explains the Sports Draws

During the elite team sport draw of the Region 5 Youth Games event at Masa Roof Top, the Region 5 Youth Games CEO Mr Stanley Mutoya shared that the games will this year include almost all sporting codes.


He said that the sporting codes will showcase talents of both males and females and this year the football teams will encompass seven girls teams and eight boys teams. Mr Mutoya highlighted that there is great excitement from all participating countries and that during this eighth installment of the games, Botswana as a host will enjoy the best team sports in the history of the games.


Stanley did also recognize the presence of the 2020 host, Lesotho amongst the guests that we present at the event. He also highlighted that the hosting of an event of this magnitude brings together about 2000 athletes and technical officials during pre-planning, during competition and post competition for debriefing and closure of the games. The host country benefits from tremendous spin-offs and the positive impact on the economy as the event injects life in the various industries, including transport- local taxes and air-travel, hotel and accommodation, restaurants and other industries connected to sport tourism.