Race for the disabled.

Disability is sometimes seen as a hindrance but it all depends on what the individual thinks. It happens in different ways and is not subject to social class or race. People of faith leave it to God’s glory and carry on with their daily lives maximizing every opportunity that makes way to them.

Botswana is no exception to that and the support for the disabled locally is steadily increasing. Various corporates take up some meaningful CSR initiatives in the communities they operate in. One local company, Mascom Wireless, has recently taken up a similar cause which was much appreciated by many. The company is well known for it’s support in sports and ICT as it’s a telecommunications company. The company’s footprint spans across the whole country and has earned itself the number one spot in the industry.

This past Christmas the company part sponsored an annual Christmas race in the village of Mmadinare, in the Central District. As one of the longest living races in the country, the Annual Mmadinare Christmas Race introduced a new category being a race for the disabled which Mascom could not resist. The company put out a P 112 000.00 sponsorship towards the race with part of it going towards the race for people with disabilities. The race attracted people from outside the village and had them take part in this new category which they very much appreciated.

It goes without saying that the runners had a good time and the race for people with disabilities is one that will go a long a way. Let’s keep up our support towards people with disabilities.