Getting to Know Lady Bawss

1. What is Lady Bawss? We know it’s a blog but who is Lady Bawss as a ‘blog’?

Lady Bawss is a space where sharing takes place. It’s a space that any African young lady can relate to because I share my hair and beauty secrets. From taking care of natural hair to reviewing the latest hair and beauty products in the market. I also share my thoughts and experiences to encourage and uplift other ladies. And it’s a place to meet and interact with other like minded ladies.

2. How similar are Lady Bawss and the person behind Lady Bawss?

Lady Bawss is an extension of myself, as I have mentioned I reveal my honest thoughts and opinions on the blog. So I am the blog.

3. What are Lady Bawss’ dreams? And what does she need in order to reach these dreams? (We aren’t sure what gender/ animal it is)?

Lady Bawss has many dreams. I am passionate about Botswana as well as Africa as a whole. And one of my dreams is to create a proudly African brand that creates products that are uniquely African and can be appreciated throughout Africa and the rest of the world. Yes, I dream BIG!

4. How seriously do you take bloggers?

To be honest, I never used to take bloggers seriously until I realized how much work it takes to consistently put up content that is insightful, creative and relatable. It is not as easy as it seems. Also, successful bloggers have become quite influential in their societies and we see this more and more as the world goes digital. A lot of hard work goes into creating an authentic and successful blog so I do respect the craft and take bloggers seriously now.

5. What’s your view on the current blogging industry in Botswana?

The blogging industry in Botswana is still very new and small but I think it is growing. We are starting to see a few corporates doing projects with bloggers in Botswana which is amazing to see and definitely shows that people are starting to pay attention to the influence that bloggers have.

6. What else do you do besides blogging?

I am a consultant in the financial sector and have just come back from Amsterdam where I was working on a financial modelling project. I am also an entrepreneur.

7. What memories can you share that fuel your patriotism and excitement for the BOTS50 celebrations?

Christmas time was my favourite memory because it was the time when I would be at our home village and would spend time with my grandmother and cousins. It was always such a fun time.

8. When was the last time you played diketo?

Yho! I can’t even remember but it was definitely at my home village. I would play diketo with my cousins. I was quite good. Don’t know if I am still as good though.

9. What do you believe you are on this earth to do?

To break barriers

10. 3 words that you live by?

Travel. Laugh & Love

11. What’s your morning routine like?

Check my emails, scroll through social media, do some push ups because go summer, take a bath/shower then get ready for the day

12. What ‘material’ are you?

Steel – Not easily broken

13. The Most embarrassing Moment you can remember?

I was walking into a restaurant and I hit the glass door thinking it was open and everyone just screamed with laughter. 

14. Name 3 things that get you excited? More excited than the other 3 things that follow….

Nando’s Hot Chocolate Pudding

My man

15. Who was your favorite Spice Girl?

Mel B. I don’t get why they called her scary spice though.

16. What do you think Cats dream about?

A dog free world.