Afrika Bohemian

Getting to Know the Afrikan Bohemian....

What is Tribe 53? We know it’s a blog but who is Tribe 53 as a ‘blog’?

Tribe 53 as a blog is the bohemian side of Botswana, the hippie crazy side that loves and does a lot of yoga, loves art, loves culture, loves books, loves life and most importantly is always on a quest to find Uhuru (emancipation). Tribe 53 is a cultural lifestyle blog made for the alternatives and those unafraid to live their own truth.

How similar are tribe 53 and the person behind tribe 53 (Afrikan Bohemian)?

Tribe 53 is Afrika Bohemian. Tribe 53 shows life through the eyes and the mind of Afrika Bohemian. Whatever the author experiences, feels, sees and thinks is what comes out on Tribe 53. 

What are Tribe 53’s Dreams? And what does it/he/she need in order to reach these dreams? (We aren’t sure what gender/ animal it is)?

Tribe 53 is a wombman, a feminine spirit. My soul purpose is to bring healing to the world in which I have been born into. My dream is to create magic and to show the world that magic exists in this world weather through profiling arts, through Uhuru (emancipation) Thursdays or through my various community therapeutic yoga initiatives. I hope to be the voice that will liberate other voices and make Botswana the friend of a feminist, individual female who is not imprisoned by what society dictates or what popular opinion deems acceptable.

Dreams are however not cheap and the challenges are many, therefore support would be great. It can be support in terms of sponsorships for the blog or for the community initiatives.  

How seriously do you take bloggers?

It depends on how seriously the bloggers take themselves because that will always be evident in the blog and how it is run.

What’s your view on the current blogging industry in Botswana?

A blog (also called a weblog or web log) is a website consisting of entries (also called posts) appearing in reverse chronological order with the most recent entry appearing first.” But in Botswana we seem to confuse influencers with bloggers, just because someone is famous and has a face book page does not mean that they are bloggers. Because of this sponsors and corporate usually pass genuine bloggers who work hard to publish regular content for celebrities who have a huge following because of their celebrity. A company website is not a blog, Brad Pit’s social media pages are not blogs. I understand that blogging is quite new but the sooner we understand this the better it will be for the whole industry. One other thing is blogs are usually on different subjects but in Botswana we seem to think that the only blogs that can exist are fashion blogs. The industry is quite young and have the potential to grow though if the bloggers are willing to put in the time. Also corporate should be looking more into sponsoring blogs because getting everything for free from the young usually struggling bloggers kills the industry. Blogging is quite expensive and time consuming.

What else do you do besides blogging?

I am a cubicler with one of the telecommunications companies in Gaborone where I clock in my 8-5. I am also an outreach community yoga teacher (service yogini), an avid supporter of the arts and active member of the Botswana Society for the arts. I am also in the committee of the Embrace Emotions Support Network (EESN), a mental health awareness and support group.

What memories can you share that fuel your patriotism and excitement for the BOTS50 celebrations?

Bots 50 reminds me of when we were young in the district and we used to go to the Kgotla for commemorations and to eat some really good pounded meat. Whatever happened to the meat?

When was the last time you played diketo?

Shoo I should have been around primary school going age. To be honest I have terrible hand -eye coordination so diketo was never my favorite game.

Give us a brief childhood bedtime story about the person/animal behind Tribe 53?

She is a highly functioning mental patient who suffers from social anxiety disorder (what others may call introversion). She is also a seeker and a mystic who suffers from existential angst. To be short she is a weird lady who loves great conversation, who also loves dogs, who takes her socializations in small doses and  who loves all things yoga, art and culture.

What do you believe you are on this earth to do?

I have been called to this dispensation as a healer. Mainly to heal myself so that others can be healed and liberated in the process. It took me a while to get here but I have been born to be a community worker, introverted as I might beJ.

3 words that you live by?

Live your truth

What’s your morning routine like?

I wake up at 5am or 5:30 almost every morning, do yoga for either thirty minutes or an hour, after wards I meditate then pray. I also listen to music if I have the time.

What ‘material’ are you?

I am air with a bit of fire and lacking a lot of earth. That is why I am always moving, always hungry and not so grounded.

The Most embarrassing Moment you can remember?

I am not sure it takes a lot to embarrass me J But my sister says I embarrass her all the time 

Name 3 things that get you excited?


Food (especially good ice cream)

Having time alone

What is your favorite kind of cookie?

I am not a cookie person, maybe shortbread, because I can make it really well and I do love butter J

What do you think Cats dream about?

Taking over the world