Mangole threatens Ndaba and co.

Pilane led committee claim all is well at BMD after meeting UDC

Gilbert Mangole says they never asked for UDC intervention

Mangole warns parallel committee masquerading as BMD leadership 

Says action will be taken against Ndaba and his faction

Mangole says BMD will soon start work with regions 


The Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) Committee led by Sydney Pilane has claimed that there is no infighting in the party. 

The Secretary General of the committee, and also Member of Parliament for Mochudi West,  Gilbert Mangole, said while they met the UDC National Executive Committee this week, they never sought mediation from the Umbrella for Democratic Change because all is well within the party.

In a veiled attack on the other committee led by Ndaba Gaolathe, Mangole said the only problem is some people who masquerade as leaders of the party while they were not procedurally elected to lead. He said they were told that mediation was sought by Ndaba Gaolathe and his faction, who also claim to be the legitimate leadership of the party.

Mangole has threatened stern action against Ndaba and his faction if they continue claiming leadership and using the party name.

Mangole said that their committee was elected legitimately, adding that they followed the constitution to determine leadership at the Congress Bobonong in July.

“As far as we know there is only one legitimate committee. After the Bobonong congress we were called by the UDC leadership to assist them in resolving an apparent impasse in the party, which we never knew existed, as we do not know how this illegitimate committee was voted in,” said Mangole.

He also said that although he cannot speak much on the alleged impasse in the BMD, they will however await on the leadership of the UDC to update them about the way forward. He further saying that they will give the UDC some time to ponder over the matter, as their committee was called to appear before the UDC leadership on Tuesday.

Mangole has also issued a stern warning to the Ndaba led faction, which they consider illegitimate, saying that should the need arise they will do what is necessary to restore order in the party.

“We are aware of some people who call themselves the legitimate committee of the BMD, but we have taken a decision to issue a statement to our members and the general public, that they should not listen to them though they have been issuing parallel statements. We are not threatened because we do not recognise them,” said Mangole.

Mangole also said that from the 17-18th this month they will hold a workshop in Serowe to update their regional branch leadership about  their vision.

He also added that as the legitimate committee of the party they are obliged to continue with carrying out the mandate given to them by members of the party at the Bobonong congress.

In the statement released this week, Mangole said, “Delinquency is naturally problematic, especially when one seeks to belong to the collective. We also wish to say to followers of the BMD that the party is a living organ run through a statutory constitution which determines, dictates and prescribes process and procedures of how one ought to be a leader either at a cell, ward, branch, region, or national level.” 

Two BMD leadership committees came out of the party’s Congress in July, one led by Sydney Pilane and the other by Ndaba Gaolathe, after members failed to iron out their differences and bury the hatchet.

Post-Bobonong, both committees claim legitimacy and the UDC has currently engaged both factions to find common ground for the betterment of the UDC project.

It is also expected that the UDC  will solve the impasse before end of year in order to give the mother-body a chance to map a forward for the 2019 General elections.