Pilane was roped in to destabilise BMD

Since the Botswana Movement for Democracy feuds intensified until they culminated into a bloody congress in Bobonong, the once vocal Member of Parliament for Mogoditshane, Sedirwa Chillyboy Kgoroba has been quiet. Although the Mogoditshane Legislator is in the Ndaba/ Mmolotsi faction, the man who lost the party Secretary General position at the Gantsi Congree to Gilbert Mangole of the Sidney Pilane faction has so far kept mum about issues bedeviling the party. In this issue, Kgoroba opens up to Voice staffer Daniel Chida on the state of the BMD.

Q. It is now common knowledge that your Party is divided between Ndaba Golathe and Sidney Pilane factions and you are with the Ndaba faction, why?

I believe in Ndaba’s Presidency not only for BMD or UDC but also for the betterment of the country.

I believe he can bring economic transformation to our country.

I’m not saying he is the only one who can do that but because he came to the fore for us.


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