The passionate potter

Potty about pottery, 35-year-old Emmanuel Senamolelo has been making it with clay since 2003.

The self-taught, award-winning potter has managed to mould a successful living for himself, making his mark with his unique and creative designs.

Having initially taken up pottery as a hobby, Senamolelo realised there was money to be made from his talents.

It was this realisation that caused him to start his own pottery business – and thus Art Discovery and Ceramics was born.

Based in Kopong village, the enterprise offers a range of artistic ceramic products – all handmade by Senamolelo – including teacups, coffee mugs and large flower vases.

In an effort to discover a bit more about the venture and its founder, Voice Money made the short journey to Kopong on Saturday.

We arrive to find Senamolelo in the middle of a pottery tutorial – lessons he frequently offers to aspiring potters at the weekends.

Immersed in his work, Senamolelo is surrounded by admiring onlookers as he brings his latest creation to life.


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