Our People

Botswana people are called Batswana (singular – Motswana).

We pride ourselves in different ethnic groups including the Tswana, Kalanga, Batswapong, Babirwa, Basarwa or Bushmen, Bayei, Hambukushu, Basubia, Baherero and Bakgalagadi and many other groups in the minority who include whites and Indians. There also exist settlers from neighbouring countries from Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Namibia and Angola to add to the cultural mix.

Collectively, all of these ethnic groups are referred to as Batswana; people of Botswana.


A variety of languages

Alongside the official language of English, Setswana is our main language of the country.

But at least 26 others are spoken by different ethnic communities. These fall into two different language groups – Bantu and Khoisan.

The Khoisan tongues are sometimes called the ‘click’ languages, because of their integral click sounds. 

We are a proud nation that prides itself with our peace. 

Today the modern day Botswana boasts of youth, man and women who are proud of their traditions and culture. Lifestyle is seeing the rise of fashion, music and artistic abilities that embrace Botswana as a whole. 


Gaborone, BW
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