29 and counting...

This year’s race had a good turn out with over 150 registered racers for all the categories. The highlight of the race which was the 10km race had a lovely competition.

Sylvester Koko emerged as the winner of the 10km race under the men’s category. He raced competitively despite the harsh weather conditions. Sylvester said he took time to prepare for this race especially since he missed it last year due to pressing reasons. The year before last, he had also scooped first position. Koko says he intends to come again next year and taking the prize.

On the women’s side Tiyango Mema took first position. She says she is grateful for having took home the win. Completion was very tight but she came out with the desired results. She too highlighted that the weather was not the most favourable, but was glad to have finished the race with no complications.

Once again, Mascom was the main sponsor of the race. Alongside them was; Bamangwato Toyota (Selebi Phikwe Branch), Foods Botswana (Serowe Branch) as well as other local businesses and individuals. It is reported that Bamangwato Toyota has been one of the founding sponsors of this race since 1989. They have been consistent in their sponsorship throughout its existence. The current Human Resource Manager, Mr. Kebalepile, indicated that Bamangwato Toyota has been loyal to this race despite economic and financial challenges. He went on to say that they will continue in support of the race in the coming years.  Mr. Kebalepile encouraged everyone to take part in this platform to keep fit and healthy.

Foods Botswana’s Mr. Goitsemang also had something to say about their participation in the race. This was their first year taking part by sponsoring the race. He indicated that they not only saw it as an intentional way to market themselves, but that it was a great initiative that they just had to be a part of.

Following them was Mascom representative, Mr. Kooagile. Mascom has been sponsoring the race since 2014. Mr. Kooagile has been their representative since 2015, making this his fourth year as part of the race. Kooagile said that apart from taking part due to work, he is a born and raised Mmadinare villager. This only makes being part of the race more special and meaningful to him. This year Mascom sponsored the race with over P 100,000.00, covering prize monies, t-shirts, caps and branding of the event. Mr. Kooagile noted that Mascom loves sports and games making it easy for them to keep sponsoring the race. He went on to acknowledge efforts of women involvement and empowerment by the race organizers and encouraged them to keep improving on this aspect.

He also appreciated the inclusion of people with disabilities in the race. “Mascom prides itself in taking part in community and life development and betterment initiatives” said Mr. Kooagile. He went on to also highlight the fact that this has been the only local race that has been successfully hosted on Christmas Day for this long. Stating that it was a great way to improve sporting codes. And said took time to give attention to cultural games such as mhele as a way of reviving them in society.

In closing, Kooagile appreciated the people of Mmadinare, race organizers and village leadership for their welcome and hospitality of Mascom.