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Despite the fact that FIFA’s mission for Women’s Football is to promote the development of women's football and pledges to support women's football financially and to give players, coaches, referees and officials the opportunity to become actively involved in football.

The question on the lips of everyone concerned with women football in Botswana is whether there is a future for the local women’s game.

Women football is faced with myriad challenges ranging from lack of good facilities, and sponsors.

Again there is no nationwide women’s league, the existing leagues are regional and only obtain in three regions out of the many that exist. This we understood to be due to the lack of resources and facilities in the regions. There is almost no investment in women’s football which accounts for the non-existence of a fully-fledged national league.

There are serious inequalities between the men and women’s game, which creates serious disparities between the men and women’s football development.

Women’s football is also challenged technically and administratively as the administrators of the game are still not trained in spite of the fact that Botswana has FIFA and CAF accredited trainers who are meant to build the capacity of the local football administrators and coaches at all levels.

So the question stubbornly remains is there a future for women’s football under the circumstances.