Youth are in business

It is without a doubt that youth are in business in Botswana. The plight of unemployment has seriously stricken our blessed nation but it is igniting in us a new passion, an awakening that Botswana has not had ever before.

Yes, we have had diamonds that dramatically transformed our country form one of the poorest countries in the world to be a middle income country. It has been a few decades since this economic rating was awarded Botswana and it has to keep growing. The growing competition around the globe on diamond trade has forced the country to come up with other ways of making money. The growth in population has also meant that there are more people to employ meaning there is a need for more employers.

The Botswana government has over the years invested heavily in the youth population, assisting them in setting up businesses to sustain themselves economically and employ others as well. The growth in this initiative further pushed the government to set up an annual event called the Youth Business Expo where young entrepreneurs and business people get to showcase their businesses to one another, potential customers and investors.

The 2019 Youth Business Expo featured a whole new line of businesses that hadn’t bene there before. Some very interesting innovations in the space of gaming, food and technology. Amongst these were a local chocolate making company called Kalahari Chocolates who produce the smoothest chocolate made and sold in Botswana. There were also young business people who are setting themselves up to challenge the dominant market leaders in the spaces of pest control and construction. The most unique business there, was a technological start up that was launched at the Youth business Expo and it is a winner, all set to transform the digital interaction space in Botswana.