- Meet Jerry Boitshoko, an entrepreneur who is putting Botswana on the mobile technology map.

-For Now, Phone can only be found in Kasane and Kazungula.

-This coming week it will be on the shelves at Kazungula Book Stationary.

-For your orders, you can contact, 74450060

Think cellphones and your mind automatically jumps to big-name brands such as Huawei, Samsung and Apple. But local entrepreneur Jerry Boitshoko is aiming to change this perception and show Batswana that local is lekker.

However, one man is challenging this. After 9 months of working on the project, Jerry Boitshoko developed and launched his own smartphone.

The J-b Tech smartphones are affordable with a long-lasting battery, immense storage of 64 GB Rom, 4 GB Ram, curved screen and a fingerprint scanner.

For now Phone can only be found in Kasane and Kazungula or through ordering and it cost P2500

The 36-year old who hails from kavimba, revealed that he is the founder JB tech phones and the creator of this locally-produced smartphone therefore he decided to named it after himself.

Mr Boitshoko's success did not come easy. He had no funding to start his company, let alone design and assemble this smartphone. He had to work hard and sacrificed a lot to make his dream come true.

Mr Boitshoko's is a man of many abilities. A decorated filmmaker, ghostwriter, book publisher and also an app seller. “Some of his apps on Play Store have been bought by clients in Russia, Hawaii, New York, Texas, California”, said Jerry Boitshoko in EXCLUSIVE interview with People's Daily News.

Source: People's Daily News - FB

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