WTISD honours Tswana tradition

Tswana tradition dictates that all official proceedings in every village be done with the consent of the village elders, the Kgosi. All organisations and individuals that would like to reach out, officially, using the village Kgotla, the meeting place, should first go through the Kgosi.

Even the government, regardless of it’s divisions or departments or their hierarchy, cannot address the public of any village, officially, unless it be through the Kgosi’s consent. This authority has long been bestowed upon the village leadership since before Botswana, then called Bechuanaland was colonized. The Kgosi were in essence the prime Ministers or to say the least ministers of their villages and nothing would happen without their approval.

World Telecommunications and Information Society Day, spearheaded by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, and Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority had to follow the same route for the Kgotla address. The Honourable Minister of Transport and Communications, Ms. Dorcas Makgatho-Malesu together with her stakeholders led the address where multitudes of Sefhare residents gathered. The Minister congratulated her various stakeholders for the massive investments hey have made in Sefhare which will not only serve the WTISD commemorations but carry on even beyond the event. Mascom Wireless hosted a beauty pageant, Botswana Telecommunications Regulatory Authority hosted a football tournament, Orange Botswana hosted a Girls coding workshop while many other stakeholders also did Corporate Social Responsibility activities for Sefhare.