Weekly Roll: YAMAs

It is without a doubt that the Yarona FM Annual Music Awards is one of the most anticipated lifestyle events of the year. The awards night that is graced by some of the most influential socialites and artists in the country is always looked forward to by most, even those unable to attend the event.

Every year, the youth led and popular radio station, Yarona FM, hosts music awards across various categories giving the best artists in the country what is due to them and encouraging those that come after. The event is held on a Saturday evening, giving enough time for the attendants to prepare themselves all day Saturday and come looking glamorous on the day. Designers across the country are given an opportunity to put together the best outfits for their clientele to light up the red carpet.

This year, 2019, the awards had an extraordinary twist as they introduced an international host to take lead in directing the proceedings supported by a local act. The ever popular, South African socialite, Bonang Matheba, was this year’s main host who was supported by our energetic and hip local radio host, MC and Social Media personality, Leungo Ander Pitse.

We took to our polls to ask those that attended and those that were keeping up with the event on social media what they thought the event was like, was it “Hot!”, “lit!” or “All things nice!” we asked. Starting with the response with the least votes was “Hot!” at 20% followed by the remaining two which had an equal voting of 40% each. Whichever answer you chose, the YAMAs sure were an event worth attending.