Weekly roll: That work thing

So it’s that work thing that today, but what about it? Work is an integral part of our lives and thanks to Covid-19 a lot of people that have been all things negative about their jobs have been moved. They are now more appreciative and grateful that they have a place to work at. A job that can pay them even if it be less than what they earned before.

For some weeks quite a lot of people didn’t have work to attend to because they weren’t deemed as essential services. They had to stay home and only leave for essential services. Unless they needed to get some groceries or seek medical attention, they had to stay home. Despite the stressful work conditions that some have or just the difficulty of carrying out their daily tasks, we believe that there is something worth missing about work.

We took to our poll with a host of probable answers that one could miss about their job or workplace. Believe it or not it could be missing those troublesome customers that push you to serve them in a way you didn’t think necessary. Or that problem you need to solve as an entrepreneur or even your staff giving you a hard time at work. It could be your colleagues, the food you eat or the actual job itself. Our answer though, that most of you picked out? “Dressing up”!!! Turns out people like dressing up to work more than anything else and the reopening of most workplaces including schools has given them an opportunity to do this.