Weekly roll! - Winter work times!

Winter is upon us, yes it is and it’s common talk all around. This is now a common opener of many conversations on the current weather and how it is treating us. ‘How’s the weather treating you?’, one would ask and the conversation would go on from there.

There are many answers to questions like these but that is not where the focus is today. As usual we are following our most recent poll and the results from our respondents. The poll was focused on the winter work times. The year begins in January and regardless of where you are from you adhere to the work time that are set. Generally, in Botswana work starts at 730 am for most government workers and 8am for non-government workers. These times continue into the winter until the end of the year.

For workers across all sectors there is no escape from these work times. The employers has these set and every employee giving in to them. Winter means that the sun rises late than usual and sets earlier than usual. Depending on where one works and far it is from work leaving home from as early as 6am could mean leaving while it is still dark in winter and leaving the office at 5pm could mean one gets home when it is very dark. Whether you have to leave home while it is still dark in order to get to work on time or out in a very misty morning, there is no avoiding it.

We ran our weekly poll to ascertain whether or not the winter work times should be changed to suit the weather change, a suggestion that it be moved further into the day or maybe brought back. The poll had only two options for answers and the answers had a 50/50 score. Half of our respondents were in support of the winter work times being changed with the other half against the winter work times being changed.